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Become a US Citizien

 There are different alternatives to be able to receive American citizenship, either through the process of naturalization, through an American citizen spouse or through the parents. Hispanic American Legal Services can help you in the process to obtain your American citizen through the most common mechanism, whether it takes five years or three if you are married to a US citizen. The general requirements to apply before USCIS are:
  • Have at least 18 when presenting the application
  • Be a permanent resident for at least five years prior to the date you file Form N 400
  • Have lived for at least three months in the State or district where USCIS has jurisdiction over the applicant for at least three months prior to the application date
  • Be a permanent resident for at least five years prior to submitting the application
  • Being physically present in the US for at least 30 months during the five years prior to the submission of the request
  • Reside continuously in the US from the day of application until the day of naturalization
  • Be able to read, write and speak the English language and have knowledge about the history and government of the USA.
  • Be a person of good morals and reputation who abide by the principles of the US Constitution and have a willingness to abide by the laws

HALS offers a complete and personalized training so you can obtain your citizenship, contact us to explain what it is.



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